The Life Gallery collects and collates the very best of twitter pics from around the world. We aim to build a comprehensive collection of photos from the twitter community showing the wealth of imagination whether it be an iconic selfie, deeply saddening, awe inspiring, tear jerking or plain hilarious. We aim for visitors to be able to favorite, retweet or just browse the huge library viewing on a limitless carousel as well as personally life likes picked by our people for every people.

Life Gallery uses filtering software to remove inappropriate content wherever possible but in some cases images can get undetected.

The Future

We aim to build an infrastructure where visitors can login and build their own bespoke gallery choosing current and historical twitter photos. Life gallery is connected to Twitter and listens for images being posted and runs them through a semantic engine to categories images to build photo galleries. We do this for thousands of tweets every day using a dedicated harvester to filter through the twitter firehouse to retrieve tweets containing photos, informing twitter users that their photo has been chosen and displayed on life gallery. These can then be viewed and shared across twitter and other social media platforms such as YouTube and Flickr.

Our Technology